AYEHOMMES is a custom clothier for the gentlemen and gentlewomen who exude pride in their personal allure - these men and women are motivated to leave a memorable impression wherever and whenever they are in attendance. There is an esteemed authenticity in choosing and wearing bespoke garments. It is crafted to your preferred style, fit and finishes. Hence, a bespoke lifestyle is an unapologetic lifestyle; one in which your verity, exactitude, coalescence enkindles and illuminates.
AYEHOMMES was founded In 2010 in NYC, by Yao Ayeh. Yao was born and partially raised in Togo, West Africa. During adolescence his father always dressed him and his siblings in custom clothing. Also, he grew up around relatives who were seamstresses who sought, incurred and produced local cultural garments. When he migrated to the United States, with his family, in 2002, he knew his
passion. To further his education, he strived meticulously to gain acceptance into a prestigious design school; which turned out to be the Fashion Institute of Technology. There he majored in Menswear Tailoring then later in Production Management. Aside from his design ambitions, Yao also strived to become a young master tailor. Over the years he’s grown astoundingly adroit in his craft, working independently and simultaneously with an array of luxury brands.
Today, AYEHOMMES produces unique custom clothing utilizing French, English and Italian fine cloths and tailoring techniques. Its’ focus is to provide the finest service, and the medium to gallantly express oneself, moreover serving as a personal and professional wardrobe consultant. The utmost care is immersed in fabric selection, lining pairing, individualized haberdashery, and sartorial modus, with regards to spec and overall presentation. As such, every client is garnished a cultivation in sartorialism, the fundamentals of menswear and textiles quintessence.
AYEHOMMES is committed to invoking your best you, and look forward to working with you soon!